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Obama and Reparations

Posted in News by Gina on August 5, 2008
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A recent article in USA Today highlights Sen. Barak Obama’s stance against reparations.


Although I was a little upset that the Federal Government was able to provide tax rebates to all taxpayers while the reparations issue still went unaddressed, I have to somewhat side with Barak Obama.  Reparations are not the answer.  We differ however, in the aspect of instead improving schools, health care, and the economy for all.  That money is best spent in the areas that are largely populated by African Americans to ensure that we get the bulk of the money intended to level the playing field.  If a check were to be distributed to all descendents of slaves for let’s say $5,000, it would help, but it would in no way compensate for the pain placed upon enslaved Africans and its residual effects on society and the African-American community specifically.


Hopefully, once Obama is elected, he will tweak his plans to compensate our Nation’s descendents of enslaved Africans.  (This issue will be brought up when I make my next donation.) 


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