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Posted in News by Gina on July 16, 2008
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I am really excited to get my hands on the latest issue of Vogue Italia— regardless of whether I will actually understand any of the text.  Many people are already aware that this issue features all Black models acknowledging that Black models are too often discriminated against in the fashion industry.  After reading MSNBC’s article discussing the edition, which stressed the importance of more Black people working in fashion to help change the face of the industry, it tied back to another article I read in the Express this morning about breaking into the fashion industry, specifically from a DC perspective.


I know several people who are serious fashionistas and fashionistos who chose not to pursue a career in fashion for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they feared it was too competitive.


The most important thing I pulled from these two articles was best stated in a quote I found in the Express, “Don’t talk yourself out of it. You don’t need a business or a fashion degree,’ says Parkerson. Her sentiment rings true in her store’s motto: ‘It’s never too late to change.”  Too often, we grow up, reality hits us, and we forget that dreams can come true.  I used to think the key to success was belief, but after not believing in many of the things I have accomplished, I have learned that what is most important is not giving up. 


I am also guilty of giving up on one, two… or ten dreams, but today I have been reminded that you can’t fail if you don’t give up, so if you want something go after it and don’t stop ‘til it’s yours!


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