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Obama’s Cover of The New Yorker Magazine

Posted in News by Gina on July 15, 2008
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I mean, really, granted the cover is not funny, but it really isn’t worth all the media attention that it is receiving either.  Rumors of Obama have been circulating for months that claimed he had Muslim ties.  Anyone with half a brain knows that they’re false.



It all goes back to a media theory known as “Third-Person Effect.”  (You should look it up; very interesting stuff.)  Everyone wants to believe that they’re somehow smarter than the average person, and no else could possibly see through The New Yorker’s mastermind scheme to keep Obama out of the oval office. 



People relax.  I hardly think this magazine cover is going to sway any voters to see Obama in a new light, but if anything, it should make people realize how silly all these rumors are in the first place.


Democrats and Republicans are calling a New Yorker magazine cover tasteless and offensive for its satirical depiction of Barack Obama as a Muslim and his wife, Michelle, as a gun-toting terrorist.


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